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Ray mayor said that now rely as I have been invited back comrades, people said that you want to sincerely Nanan a big fight, or are you going to do in accordance with the old attitude towards others?[Santa Clarita]

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Attendant replied, the county Bureau of Finance and your secretary to the county's forest for money, we do not agree to Ai Shuji, they got into a fight![Richmond]


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"Animal traffickers," breathe a few breaths, then said: "The road, proof of the pudding Yeah, I now understand the whole way, relying on outsiders, unreliable ah, have to let the newspaper these old son, know best how to newspaper ah, the most caring newspaper ah .. Alas! I understand late friends. weekend both God, I did not do anything else, is to discuss this matter with you He Zongbian come forward to discuss the results of ah, ah newspaper , had to let these old child, self, yourself do what " [Lubbock]

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Laicheng Li carved out an almost laugh to accompany rotten face and said, I'm sorry Secretary Xu, Lai as if there is anything to offend in word, you certainly do not remember the villain adults too. When he finished, he's purse from the nightstand and pulled out a pile of money into my hand, which is $ 50,000 and you first take it, so I went to Southampton to deal specifically with those two ground, to give you the same number of , How about you, dumb only happened on the trip.[Jersey City]


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When the body up, he said, Let me first say, many delegates suggested that I was governor candidate, is absolutely spontaneous behavior of the deputies, I do are unaware that their behavior indicates that they trust in me, and I thank the psyche them, but I was a party standing with decades of leading cadres, I know that obedience is my vocation organizational decisions, so please organize worry, I will not have any other incorrect ideas.[Saint Paul]

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